For hundreds of years, traditional cleft chestnut posts and rail fences have been developed and assembled to keep animals in or just to beautify a garden. It creates a barrier that is both robust and rustic in appearance.
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About Our Chestnut Fencing

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 The rails come in 9ft' 6" (2.9m) long and are split from chestnut wood which are in the range of 20-30 years old meaning that they’ve had time to mature and mature into a stronger and more durable piece of wood. The wedges are used to craft a natural finish that is stunning to admire. These are available to be supplied with or without bark depending on the style and look aimed for. The rails have tapered ends, accurate to the mm so they have a smooth yet solid fit when being put together into the cleft half round posts. The posts are 2m and are mortised for 2 or 3 rails for every bay.

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It is a historical rustic methodology of crafting a fence. As it’s made with cleft-ended chestnut rials with joint posts. The durability of the fencing makes it suitable for a comprehensive amount of rural areas. 

The classic chestnut post and rail fence, which is crafted by hand, is a very attractive choice of fencing for any garden or outdoor space for that matter.

Traditional chestnut post and rail fencing is both durable and attractive which has the ability to last a long time.

Why get chestnut supplies

  • They are usable on garden borders that are jagged and bumpy.

  • They look great around ponds and around the perimeter of a garden or environment.

  • They are very straightforward to put in and can be used as short-term fences which are usually used in big events or festivals going on.

Chestnut Post & Rail
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Chestnut Stakes, Struts & Paling Roll

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