Closeboard fence to this day is still the most cost-effective approach to create a sturdy, long-lasting barrier.
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Our Closeboard Fencing

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Closeboard fences are the bread and butter here at Newton and frost, we make these every day to the most pristine quality with our experienced craftsmen making sure all fences are sturdy and durable.

As the timber is pine, it's exceedingly strong and lasts a long time. It’s naturally an attractive timber with its natural patterns catching the eyes of anyone.

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Our closeboards, which are generally made of overlapping vertical feather edge board, in consideration of this it gives unrivaled seclusion. Each board is affixed to horizontal rails, also known as arris rails, which are supported by vertical posts with notches keeping it tight and secure. 

Our styles also include capping and counter rails to help protect against any damage to the panels they might take from the environment around it and from the weather. There are also Aris rails which are designed to have rainwater flow a certain direction off the fence to protect it from damages. Cant rails are another style that is unique as it can't be cut, which enables the water to have no choice but to slide down off the timber so it doesn’t cause a water trap.

Why purchase our closeboard fences? 

  • Affordability - They are very affordable meaning there’s a choice for everyone. Timber is typically a lot cheaper than other materials used in fencing and is also reusable.

  • Flexibility - The closeboards are flexible as the boards are put together on-site, this makes it very simple to adjust the fencing to the following garden/site. It can very easily be cut to size if the ground is uneven.

  • Security - with this style you get a substantial amount of privacy due to the fences typically being over 6 feet tall. As they are very tall, it helps to prevent intruders from coming over.

  • Variety - Plenty of different styles to choose from. With lots of styles to pick from, there’s an option for anyone who’s interested in these fences.

  • Treatment - Our fences are made from hand, green pressed and treated with tanalith E which means they are high quality with increased longevity. 

We have appropriate guidelines in place to ensure the safety of you and our staff throughout your visit.

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