If you want to put up a super durable fence post that is lightweight and as strong as concrete, DuraPost is the post for you!
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What is DuraPost

DuraPost is made from galvanised steel and 80% lighter than concrete.
Making it very strong but lightweight.

Dura posts are superior compared to wood as it’s made of galvanised steel it doesn’t rot, split or warp like timber does. Not only that, but the DuraPost is as strong as concrete and will last jut as long if not longer. DuraPost comes with a 25 year guarantee. 

It’s super simple to install and compared to other posts it's double the speed making it much more efficient as you can carry a lot more and assemble more. 

Because of its range of versatility, it has the ability to be used with most types of fences, again making it so useful because anyone has the capabilities of using them. 

The Durapost weighs around 8kg compared to a concrete post which is 50kg, which's over an 80% difference in weight.

The posts have a variety of different colours to match your fences style and look the part as concrete fences have a tendency to stick out like sore thumb sometimes.

  • DuraPost is 80% LIGHTER than concrete.

  • Dura is extremely strong, not only that but has the additional benefit of being lightweight.

  • DuraPosts have been through a lot of tough tests which proves how strong they actually are. They go through 1000 hours of salt spray test, impact resistance, scratch resistance, and a minimum of 1000 hours tested in humidity. These tests have proven that you can bank on it being well-grounded and sustainable.

  • It takes 50% less man-hours to put up meaning it saves time and money.


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