If you want to put up a super durable fence post that is lightweight and as strong as concrete, DuraPost is the fence for you!
Super Strong
Easy to build

What is DuraPost

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DuraPost is made from galvanised steel and is 80% lighter than concrete.
Making it very strong but lightweight.


DuraPost includes longevity, superb aesthetic, light, and easy to work with. With all these benefits, you simply can’t go wrong. It lasts longer than concrete, doesn’t warp and decay like timber will and you can include DuraPost with other materials too. Because it’s so much lighter than concrete it takes half the man-hours to install it, which is beneficial for everyone involved, it's also easy to re-adjust. DuraPost can withstand winds up to 70mph, not only that, but the posts went through thousands of hours of salt resistance testing too and still came out in amazing condition, so it’s excellent for anyone who has to deal with relentless and ruthless natural weather types. They’ve managed to also include a great look with colour schemes which consist of Sepia Brown, Anthracite Grey, Galvanised, and Olive Grey which all contrast well with any garden or outdoor space. Timber and concrete materials typically need to be maintained too, with duraPost there’s no maintenance needed which means no extra stress added. 


      Why use DuraPost?

  • DuraPost is 80% LIGHTER than concrete.

  • Dura is extremely strong, not only that but has the additional benefit of being lightweight.

  • DuraPosts have been through a lot of tough tests which proves how strong they actually are. They have gone through 1000 hours of salt spray test, impact resistance, scratch resistance, and a minimum of 1000 hours tested in humidity. These tests have proven that you can bank on it being well-grounded and sustainable.

  • It takes 50% less man-hours to put up meaning it saves time and money.


We have appropriate guidelines in place to ensure the safety of you and our staff throughout your visit.

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