Timber Gravel Boards & Accessories

Here we hold our gravel boards which will helps protect the fence and give it a longer lifespan. we also include accessories here too incase you're looking for something extra!
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Gravel boards are added below the fence panels so that the fence is elevated above the ground and therefore protect the wooden panel from any damage it may endure from the moisture in the soil, therefore, preventing decay and ensuring long-term use.

Gravel boards are made so that they can protect the timber fencing and give the fence a longer lifespan meaning it looks good for longer. You have a choice between wooden and concrete gravel boards, whichever you desire for your fence. Moisture tends to get into the fence and cause problems for it such as decay and rot. Including these with your fences can seriously help with preventing this from happening and as they are easy to replace and adding this in, it will give the fence that fresh and crisp finish for a much longer period, giving it that complete look.


Why buy our gravel boards?

  • Helps to prevent damage - The gravel board's purpose is to keep the fence from resting on moist and damp soil to help prevent the fence from rotting.

  • Longevity - The timber gravel boards are treated to help protect against the moisture damage from the soil, therefore, helping your fence live longer.

  • Durability - The gravel board will increase a fence's structural integrity giving it a solid foundation meaning it's a lot harder to knock one down.


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