Our gates are made to be in the most pristine condition and are crafted ourselves. we make sure we are as accurate as possible and take much care for the product being developed and treat te gate much like our own, just like our customers.
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About Our Gates

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Here at Newton & Frost our stock includes the most immaculate timber gates. The timber used is green pressure treated which provides a longer-lasting gate. We do a variety of gates, these include garden gates, field gates, and driveway gates.

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The gate is what everyone will be seeing and using, because of this we make sure to take extra care and time when finishing these pieces because we want to make sure that your gate looks great and provides privacy and security. Field gates, picket gates, and more classic garden gates are among the timber gates we provide, all of which are manufactured from the greatest possible wood.

Why purchase our gates? 

  • Affordability - They are very affordable meaning there’s a choice for everyone. Timber is typically a lot cheaper than other materials used in fencing and is also reusable.

  • Flexibility - The closeboards are flexible as the boards are put together on-site, this makes it very simple to adjust the fencing to the following garden/site. It can very easily be cut to size if the ground is uneven.

  • Security - Our gates are made to be super strong and as durable as possible. The reason why is because we know that a gate will be used consistently and will therefore need to be extra stable, therefore providing extra security through how stable and durable it is.

  • Variety - With lots of superb styles to pick from, there’s an option for anyone who’s interested in our top-quality gates.

  • Treatment - Our gates are made from hand, green pressed and treated with tanalith E which means their longevity is increased and you can have your wonderful gates for even longer. 

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We have appropriate guidelines in place to ensure the safety of you and our staff throughout your visit.

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