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In tmber fencing post caps and finials will upgrade the way a fence looks and feels in any space. You can looks at post caps and finials as the cherry on top. This part will really bring the whole fence together.
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Our fence post caps & finials will offer any fencing project a great look with great satisfaction. This frequently imparts a characteristic that distinguishes one fence from any other. On the other hand, they have fantastic functional purpose as they are a helping hand in preventing dampness infecting the fence and causing it to rot and decay.

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Why buy our post caps & finials products?

  • Longevity - With post caps and finials you'll find that the fence will have an increased lifespan as the caps will protect the fence from the damage it could receive without them.

  • Protection - The end grain part of a fence post is the most susceptible to damages as it will absorb more than any other part of the fence. The post caps will help direct any moisture off of the fence and therefore help prevent the fence from damages the weather might throw at it.  

  • Safety - The caps and finials will help prevent people from getting splinters and getting caught on parts of a fence that might stick out. 

Sawn Timber Post 100 x 100
Sawn Timber Post 100 x 75
Sawn Timber Post 75 x 75
Sawn Timber Post (Other Sizes)

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