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What are acoustic fence panels?

Acoustic Fence Panels are the answer to your problems if you want to suppress the noise of traffic or to dilute the noisy neighbours. Soundshield™ will reduce the sound pollution levels through the art of reflecting the racket being made, therefore defending your garden from any source of the noise.

The range of acoustic fencing:

It can be used for any public or commercial project planners as they are designed to mitigate the noise being produced. This implies that the retailers can be productive 24/7 as it cancels out a lot of noise in a close radius to any stores and facilities meaning any homeowners who live by are less likely to be disturbed.

For any homeowners and residential designers or architects, the whole quality of life is drastically improved as it minuscules the noise that is being projected by public highways or other public properties. This, therefore, increases the value of any homes that implement acoustic fences.

How does it work?

Soundshield™ design combines sound damping technology within the panel’s core with a robust surface. This results in a large percentage of the sound source being reflected away. The sound source (unwanted noise) produces sound waves of energy that is blocked by the Soundshield™ barrier. Behind the Soundshield™ barrier a noise shadow area is created and the direct sound travels above. The remaining sound that is heard is known as indirect or diffracted sound. It is this reduced sound that provides more comfortable sound levels for your garden.

What are the benefits of Acoustic fencing?
  • The acoustic panels can reduce the perceived loudness by 50%.

  • The panels are lightweight and easy to install, they are compatible with timber posts or concrete H Posts. They are proven to reduce noise transmission by 22dB.

  • The unique design will enhance the look of any garden and the opposite side of the fencing will benefit from the aesthetics of the fence.

  • The timber used to make the fences are from responsibly managed British forests.

  • An ideal low maintenance cost-effective fencing solution.