Closeboard fence to this day is still the most cost-effective approach to create a sturdy, long-lasting barrier.
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Our Palisade Square Fencing

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There are different types of palisade boards: a round top, a pointed top, and a square top. They are all typically used in picket fencing and a popular option. This fencing is secure and well built. If you're not bothered about having too much privacy then this fence could be the one you're looking for as they are very open.


Our picket fence types, which include a traditional open slat design, are meant to evoke the elegance of an English country garden. As they are also open it gives the feeling of more freedom and room so you don't have to feel restricted and boxed in.


They look great - with such a welcoming feeling, this fence really does welcome anyone in the right way. As it's such a lovely fence anyone will be appealed to admire a fence such as timber palisade. 

Versatile - They can be used not only as a great-looking fence border around the garden, but they look exceptional as decoration borders around any flowers or plants you may have around the garden.

They give a satisfied feeling of having security and privacy with the allowance of sun light and wind to pass through making are you don't lose that outside feeling.

Round Top
Pointed Top
Square Top

We have appropriate guidelines in place to ensure the safety of you and our staff throughout your visit.

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