This is pointed top palisade fencing, the perfect style of fencing for anyone looking to upgrade their rural or cottage garden. 
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Our Palisade Pointed Fencing

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Here is our pointed top palisade, this is a perfect choice for any cottage or rural garden. This fence looks a little more menacing than the other styles of palisade but still really brings a welcoming feeling to any house and proves to be a better defense with its pointed top making it very painful to climb over. 


With the wood being pressure treated, the fence will be lasting longer and as the treatment is water-based it won't affect the environment around it. It will help protect against the wood rotting and fungal decay too.


Security - They are built to provide security and sturdiness. coupled to horizontal-running rails, which are joined to vertical timber joists, to form a fence. This structure generates a reliable solid barrier that is ideal for ensuring security and a humble look that entices and welcomes people in.  


Easy to install - The panels and posts are pre-made so they can be easily assembled and gathered. The pales are designed so they can be easily installed.


 Very appealing - Not only do they keep out intruders but they form a graceful and innocent look to your garden. They are very stylish and can bring your garden to life.

Round Top
Pointed Top
Square Top

We have appropriate guidelines in place to ensure the safety of you and our staff throughout your visit.

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