Closeboard fence to this day is still the most cost-effective approach to create a sturdy, long-lasting barrier.
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About Our Sawn Timber Rails

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Timber fencing posts and rails from Newton & Frost are ideal for building robust, long lasting and strong fencing. The sturdy poles are suitable for either home usage, landscaping or agricultural uses. 

The installation process is made much easier by the square form, the pointed base so it penetrates the ground easier, and sawn top of the posts. These rails and posts have been green treated which will extend how long they last.

The wood our rails and posts are crafted from is pine which helps with the longevity as pine is a naturally stronger wood and can therefore make your fence last longer.

Why buy our sawn post and rails?

  • Efficient - They have a fast installation process which means that less time is wasted having to mess around with bits and pieces, it's great if you want a simple yet durable fence up in a short period of time.

  • Versatility - It has a lot of uses and can easily be changed about as it's simple to cut so you can make adjustments to your fence if need be. 

  • Durable - As simple as they may look they are a solid fence that can withstand quite a bit of punishment and therefore creates a fantastic barrier for anyone who intends to use it.

Sawn Timber Post 100 x 100
Sawn Timber Post 100 x 75
Sawn Timber Post 75 x 75
Sawn Timber Post (Other Sizes)

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