All our posts are fully pressure treated and are cut from large section logs to reduce the amount of splitting and twisting. These posts have the capability to be used in all your fencing needs.
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Our Fencing Post Products

Our concrete posts come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but slotted concrete fence posts specifically make it rather simple to install and replace panels when they are unfortunately wrecked or need to be updated due to a design change. As they are made out of concrete they won't be anywhere near as absorbent when it rains or gets damp, this stops them from decaying and rotting meaning they will last longer.

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Why buy our concrete posts?

  • Maintainable - concrete does not need to be treated and maintained in the same way wood would have to to stay effective. 

  • Strong - Concrete posts are very strong and much more durable when compared to timber posts. This is usually the main reason people will pick concrete instead of timber as it lasts a lot longer because it won't rot, decay or split.   

  • Makes it easy to install fencing - There isn't a need for nails as once the concrete posts are in place, it's as easy as putting the panels between the beams.

  • Affective to counter elements - These post's powers are best made for gardens that are open to high winds, lots of water or spray from the environment or sea as they won't decay as quickly as wood.

Sawn Timber Post 100 x 100
Sawn Timber Post 100 x 75
Sawn Timber Post 75 x 75
Sawn Timber Post (Other Sizes)

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