Here at NFF traditional lap fence panel designs are available in a variety of styles to suit any homeowner enhancement project. All of our high-quality lap fence panels benefit from a rebated frame for improved durability, compared to any other lap fence panel on the market.
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About Our Lapped Panel Fencing

Made by hand in our timber workshop using top quality
heavy duty treated timber components

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Lapped panels are made by hand using top-quality, heavy-duty treated timber components to provide protection against rot.

Lapped fence panels are assembled from a wooden framework into which slats are slotted horizontally, overlapping slightly to create a solid boundary without gaps or holes insulating the area well and keeping a professional, well-done aesthetic. An admired type because of its historic form, it comes in a variety of heights and widths to suit any garden or commercial environment.

The lapped fencing will provide a captivating surrounding. This style of fencing is easily treated, painted, and effortlessly maintained. 

The lap and cap fence styles are built with your property's safety in mind. In most cases, the height of this fencing style is sufficient to keep intruders out. Because the fences are extremely solid and sturdy, you will be completely safe. Layers of palings cover the gap between the boards, ensuring perfect privacy and security. Not only will it supply security, but with the smaller panels, it will supply a captivating border within your garden too. 



Why purchase Lapped panels from us?

  • They ensure good safety as they are built sturdy and are usually built with a lot of height.

  • They are long-lasting because they are built well with the correctly treated timber meaning you get your money's worth.

  • They are aesthetically pleasing, lifting the mood of any environment they are constructed in.

  • They are relatively easy to put together.

  • The materials used are all top quality and top of the range.

  • It provides privacy, security, shade, and this will make it effortless to unearth the flawless fence for you.

Lapped Panel Sizes
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We have appropriate guidelines in place to ensure the safety of you and our staff throughout your visit.

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