Closeboard fence to this day is still the most cost-effective approach to create a sturdy, long-lasting barrier.
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About Our Machine Rounds

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Treated machine round, half-round posts, and stakes

Would you like to develop a stunning decorative frame and outline, possibly have a garden path stand out, or construct some jumping challenges for your horses? Because there are so many options with the machine round choice, you can make almost anything with it.

We have a large stock of machined round posts that may be used for a diverse range of fence and landscaping projects. All of our driving round posts are four-way pointed for quick and easy installation. In addition, each post's opposite end is chamfered to prevent damage caused by driving in.​

Why purchase machine rounds?

  • Machine round poles are made to suit all types of garden projects.​

  • They can make for compelling borders and can also be used to construct 

  • They make attractive perimeters or can be used to build alternative garden structures proving they are extremely versatile.

  • With the Pointed ends, they maintain and make them effortless to force into the ground.

  • They are hefty and well built making them very strong.

Machine Round Stakes
Machine Round Post
Machine Half Rounds

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