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Tools and Tool Attachments


The tools we stock are your necessary items when building a fence. You’ll find double shovels, saws, shovels, multi-use tools and tool attachments.

TL608001 Double Shovels steel handle large

TLEWP01 Strainrite Easy Wire Puller

TL619005 Strainrite Wire strainers monkey chain type RX2

TLBC1 Strainrite Boundary Clamp 950mm

TLSP00160 Strainrite Staple Puller

TLSG1 Heavy duty steel graft

TL608006 Graft with Steel handle contractor

TL608005 Double Shovels Fibreglass handle

TL615002 Shovel All Steel

TLBUL4511T Bulldog digging graft

TLBUL5CLMYD Bulldog cable laying graft

TL603002 Broom 24" Stiff Bass c/w handle

TL603003 Broom 12" Stiff Bass c/w handle

TL603004 Broom **HANDLE ONLY**

TL604001 Bucket Polythene 3 gallon

TLGTUB38 Gorilla Tubs 38lts

TL612001 Post Rammer 6" double handle

TL1FG10 Sledge Hammer 10lb Fibre Handle

TLMAUL1 Fencers maul 14lb Fibre handle

TLFAIER10 Earth Rammer 10LB Steel handle

TLFAIASFT Fencing Tamp/post rammer

TL1HC4C Club Hammer 4lb hickory handle

TLADZE1 Adze head & handle

TLADZE2 Adze **handle only**

TL606002 Point & chisel Round bar 6ft 1" 1/4 dia

TL606005 Point & chisel bar Hexagonal 6ft 1" 1/4 dia

TL606004 Post hole digging bar 6ft

TLSAW208 Irwin jack handsaw 20"

TL1794155 Irwin Boat Level

TLSTA120110 Stanley Hacksaw 12"

TLHAMST20 Stanley blue strike hammer 20ºZ

TLKUNY527 Kuny Leather Nail/Tool pouch

TL618007 Fencing Pliers 260mm

TL611001 Nail Puller 19" Priory

TLSA12506 Stockade multi purpose fencing pliers

TL6801200 Knipex end cutters 200mm

TLKPX7112200 Knipex Cobolt spring loaded side cutters 220mm

TL618006 Wire Cutters 210mm Draper

TLAS300 Adjustable spanner 300mm

TLSTRING18 Stringline Nylon 18m

TLSTRING100 Stringline Nylon 100m

TLSDS10160 SDS Drill bit 10x160mm

TLSDS12160 SDS Drill bit 12x160mm

TLSDS14210 SDS Drill bit 14x210mm

TLMDB10150 Masonary drill bit 10x160mm

TLWAB12230 Wood auger bit 12x230mm

TLWAB20230 Wood auger bit 20x230mm

TLWAB28100 Wood auger flat bit 28x100mm

TLDEWDP40 Dewalt PZ2 Drive bits (25 box)

TLRS58 Ratchet Strap 5 Tonne 8m

TLRS16 Ratchet Strap 1.5 Tonne 6m

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