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Cladding and Boards


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STFE480 Feather edge 4.80m ex 150x22 **Building Cladding **

STFE360 Feather edge 3.60m ex 150x22 **Building Cladding **

SHIPL12519 Shiplap W/board ex 125x19mm treated tanalith 'E' per mtr

TGV12519 TGV board ex 125x19mm treated tanalith 'E' per mtr

TGV12516 TGV board ex 125x16mm treated tanalith 'E' per mtr

TG15022 T&G Flooring ex 150x22mm treated tanalith 'E' per mtr

STR12525R PAR ex 125x25mm Treated tanalith 'E' per mtr

STPLY18 Plywood 18mm ply **WBP Grade**

STPLY12 Plywood 12mm ply **All Hardwood**

STOSB11 OSB Board Type 3 outdoor 2440x1220x11mm

CELO252412 Celotex 25mm 1200x2400mm PIR Board

CELO402412 Celotex 40mm 1200x2400mm PIR Board

CELO502412 Celotex 50mm 1200x2400mm PIR Board

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