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Cundy Rounds

Cundy' means that the timber has been roughly cut, with the bark scraped off. The cut of the stake is therefore not uniform. Cundy peeled round stakes are suitable for post and rail fencing or other fence types including wire and agricultural fencing.

CR2775100 Cundy round 9ft 3"-4" top pointed stake

CR27125150 Cundy round 9ft 5"-6" top straining post

CR21125150 Cundy round 7ft 5"-6" top straining post

CR2175100 Cundy round 7ft 3"-4" top pointed stake

CR2475100 Cundy round 8ft 3"-4" top pointed stake

CR24125150 Cundy round 8ft 5"-6" top straining post

CR24150175 Cundy round 8ft 6"-7" top straining post

CR24STRUT Cundy round 8ft Strut

CR1875100 Cundy round 6ft 3"-4" stake

CR16575100 Cundy round 5ft 6" 3"-4" top pointed stake

CR1655075 Cundy round 5ft 6" 2"-3" stake

CRHR3675100 Cundy half round rail 12ft 3"-4"

CRHR36100125 Cundy half round rail 12ft 4"-5"

CRHR18125100 Cundy half round stakes 6ft 4"-5"

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