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This will be an excellent option if you want climbing plants, fence top trellis, or a lovely method to split up your garden. 
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Our Trellis Panels

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One of the numerous varieties of trellis sold here is our green pressure treated trellis. The trellis is both robust and economical, with it being made in our own workshop. Our basic trellis is 6 feet wide, with the height capable of being 1 to 6 feet depending on what’s needed.

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White Picket Fence
White Fence

With the timber we use, it has been produced with Tanalith E which is a substance that refrains the timber from rotting and wearing and also making it suitable for all hazard classes from H2-H5 which means you won't have to worry about any major issues with it. As the fences are hand-made with precision and care. You only get the finest products from Newton and Frost. 

If you want a little more privacy without completely blocking out light or without making an area feel less spacious, lattice trellis panels are the way to go. These provide a nice medium between privacy and getting enough light in, to uplift the space.

Framed Diamond Trellis Panels

Why purchase our Trellis Panels? 

  • Affordability - They are very affordable meaning there’s a choice for everyone. Timber is typically a lot cheaper than other materials used in fencing and is also reusable.

  • Space-saving - Trellising may be utilised to separate your garden into distinct zones by creating a gorgeous divider. This is especially useful for individuals who find it difficult to navigate a full-size garden, as well as those who have smaller gardens, as it creates the illusion of more room.

  • Security - The fences are durable and sturdy, as they are built high to give the presence of privacy and security with the effect of making your garden stand out too.

  • Variety - Plenty of different styles to choose from. With lots of styles to pick from, there’s an option for anyone who’s interested in these fences.

We have appropriate guidelines in place to ensure the safety of you and our staff throughout your visit.

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