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Newton and Frost have been designing and installing both reflective and absorptive noise attenuating environmental barriers for over twenty years.

Our barriers have been acoustically tested in accordance with BS EN 1793 by a UKAS approved laboratory. We can supply both reflective and absorptive barriers of varying performance values, manufactured from a variety of materials, such as timber, aluminium, steel, acrylic and Greenscreen, which is ideal for supporting climbing plants. Once these plants are established the barrier has a completely natural appearance that blends into the landscape

Absorptive Environmental Barriers

This type of barrier is designed to reduce reflected noise which can be a problem in situations adjacent to busy roads, railways, and industrial premises with noisy machinery. Absorptive Barriers are often utilised in areas such as superstore service yards where loading and unloading are prevalent, and indeed in and around sports stadium and leisure complexes.

In fact, in any area where noise may be a nuisance, installing an absorptive barrier is an excellent solution.

Technical Information

This type of barrier is installed using steel Universal Beams which are galvanised, and if required powder coated to the client’s specification. The posts will be installed into concrete foundations or fixed down using base plates and chemical anchors.


Timber components are FSC certificated and are treated with Tanalith E, giving them a long life expectancy, either 15 years or 30 years, depending upon your choice of specification.


We fabricate our panels in our new, purpose-built, manufacturing facility enabling us to be competitively priced, and have full control over the manufacturing programme and ultimately the quality of the product.


The infill that we use is mineral wool, which is covered by a breathable membrane.

Finishes other than timber are available, whether steel sheet, perforated sheet or indeed any other design; we are able to fabricate to meet your requirements.

Our design team are on hand to give advice and reach a solution for

controlling noise pollution in your particular situation.

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