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Timber Fencing

We offer a huge range of timber fencing products:

  • Closeboard Panels

  • Lapped Panels

  • Capping

  • Counter Rail 

  • Arris Rail

  • Gravel Board 

  • Feather Edge 

  • Stumps 

  • Cleats 

close board fencing.JPG

We are your reliable supplier of premium Closeboard & Lapped fencing panels & components, the essential foundation for durable fencing solutions. Whether you're a fencing contractor or homeowner looking to rejuvenate your garden for the long term, Closeboard & Lapped fencing is the perfect choice.

The inherent strength and lasting quality of Closeboard & Lapped fencing ensure consistent privacy and security, guaranteeing years of reliable service.

Our product range also provides you with the flexibility to personalise your fence's aesthetics through options like painting, staining, and a variety of finishes.

We have appropriate guidelines in place to ensure the safety of you and our staff throughout your visit.

We are open Monday to Friday

7.30 am to 5 pm

Newton & Frost Fencing Ltd ( NFF)

Downsview Yard
North Corner
East Sussex
TN21 9HJ

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