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Somerfield Field Gates

Somerfield Timber Gates offer more than just aesthetic appeal. They are a robust security solution, providing peace of mind while enhancing the charm of your property.

Somerfield 8 ©AJ Charlton & Sons Ltd.tif

Somerfield Field Gate

Our field gates are the ultimate choice, combining quality, durability, and security. Crafted with robust materials, they endure outdoor elements while providing reliable access control.


4ft (h) x 3ft (w)

4ft (h) x 4ft (w)

4ft (h) x 6ft (w)

4ft (h) x 7ft (w)

4ft (h) x 8ft (w)

4ft (h) x 9ft (w)

4ft (h) x 10ft (w)

4ft (h) x 11ft (w)

4ft (h) x 12ft (w)

4ft (h) x 13ft (w)

4ft (h) x 14ft (w)

We are open Monday to Friday

7.30 am to 5 pm

Newton & Frost Fencing Ltd ( NFF)

Downsview Yard
North Corner
East Sussex
TN21 9HJ

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