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Secure Bike Storage Shed - Protecting Your Valuable Assets


Are you concerned about the safety and security of your expensive ride? We understand the value you place on your two-wheeled treasures, and that's why we have the perfect solution for you. We’re offering a secure storage options designed to safeguard your bikes and motorcycles.

Securilath™ Certificate
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Secure Store Bike and Tool Shed East Sussex
Interior Secure Store Bike and Tool Shed

The Secure Storage Specification

Introducing our secure storage option designed to protect your bikes and motorbikes in an approved and fortified building.
  • Frame - Ex 75mm x 47mm Framework

  • Cladding - Ex 125x19mm Redwood Shiplap

  • 18mm Ply Lining Internally

  • 2 x stainless steel air vents

  • Securilath MD1 Galvanised Steel Mesh installed into the Walls & Door

  • Trisomet 80mm Insulated Steel Roofing

  • 50mm x 50mm Steel Framed Door

  • 2400mm (H) – to the front

  • 2300mm (H) – to the rear

  • Guttering to one side with downpipe

Galvanised Steel Mesh

Securilath MD1 Mesh

Galvanised Steel Mesh installed into the Walls & Door

Trisomet Roofing

Trisomet Roofing

80mm Insulated Steel Roofing

Steel Framed Door

Steel Framed Door

50mm x 50mm Steel Frame

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Secured Bike in secure store East Sussex
Secure Storage Bike and Tools Shed Interior
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