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Reasons to buy an NFF Field Shelter

NFF use C24 stress graded timber for framework with a finished size of 70 x 45mm compared to many competitors who use timber with a lower stress grading level of C16 and a finished size of 63 x 38mm. That is a difference of 31%, plus NFF’s timber is a structurally stronger timber.

Cladding Kiln Dried (1).png

Bespoke Cladding

Beware when competitors state that the cladding they use is 125 x 19mm or 125 x 16mm shiplap/tongue and groove. In virtually all cases these sizes are not the actual finished sizes of the timber. It is the size of timber prior to machining. Always check for the finished thickness!

NFF use shiplap for the walls with a finished thickness of 15mm compared to many competitors who use shiplap with a finished thickness of 12mm. That is a difference of 25% and together with the stronger framework makes for much stronger walls.

Due to the large quantity of shiplap that NFF purchase, it enables us to have a bespoke shape of shiplap made. Whereas the standard overlap of shiplap is 10mm, our shiplap is machined to provide a 40% larger overlap of 14mm. This further helps to prevent gaps appearing in the shiplap. Although this requires more shiplap to be used in every building, we feel the benefit far outweighs the cost to us.

Kiln-Dried Treated Timber

NFF use shiplap that is kiln dried prior to being pressure treated. However, unlike virtually all competitors, after treatment the timber is then kiln dried again. Upon delivery to our yard at Horam it is stored inside a purpose-built storage facility to remain totally dry prior to being used. This helps to prevent shrinkage after the timber has been made into panels for buildings.

Steel Cross brace.png
Steel Cross brace (4).png

Galvanised Steel

Our skids are galvanised which means they should last for 30 years+ without rusting.

Galvanised skids are far superior to painted skids which chip and rust. 

NFF skids are hand made in our workshop to our own specification.  They are made to last and have strengthening galvanised cross braces and robust lug fixtures.

This gives our customers the confidence to tow our buildings safely and not worry about the side panels breaking away from the base should horses kick them or rub against them.

Many of our competitors only use skids on the back and front of the shelter and not the sides.

Steel Cross brace.png
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