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Controlling Horse Hay Consumption

A Slow Feeding Guide

Using brackets or other means to control your horses' access to hay can be a helpful strategy to prevent them from overeating. This practice is often referred to as "slow feeding" or "controlled feeding." Here's how you can implement it:

Select a Feeding Location: Choose a suitable location in your field shelter or feeding area to set up the feeding station. Ensure it's a dry and clean area.

Install Brackets or Hardware: Install brackets or hardware on the framework or walls of the shelter. These will serve as anchor points for slip rails.

Position the Hay Bales: Place the hay bales inside the shelter, near the slip rails. Initially, position them closer to the horses.

Gradually Move the Slip Rails Back: As the horses consume the hay, gradually move the slip rails back by attaching them to the brackets. This will make it more difficult for the horses to access the hay, slowing down their consumption.

Monitor Consumption: Keep an eye on how much hay your horses are consuming and adjust the positioning of the slip rails accordingly. The goal is to provide a steady, clean supply of hay without allowing them to overeat.

Regular Maintenance: Ensure that the hay bales are kept clean and free from debris. Also, periodically inspect the brackets and slip rails to ensure they remain secure.

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