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Black pvc/galv Coated Premium


We have many gate mate products which come with all the screws and the gate fittings themselves, so you have everything you need in one packet making your job a lot easier.

FXGA103200BG Brenton padbolt 8" galv/pvc black coated

FXGA136200BG Cabin hook cast pattern 8" galv/pvc black coated

FXGA124150BG Ring latch 6" black galv/pvc black coated

FXGA125200BG Ornamental 8" Ringlatch galv/pvc black coated

FXGAF116450B Drop bolt 18" Galv/pvc black coated

FXGA003600BG Tee Hinge 24" Medium galv/pvc black coated

FXGA008600B Adjustable bands & hooks on plate 24" **BLACK**

FXGA008450B Adjustable bands & hooks on plate 18" **BLACK**

FXGA156175 Ornamental Lever/Handle lock **BLACK**

FXGA149002 Mortice Door Lock 3 lever

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