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Galvanized Field Gate Fittings


We have many gate mate products which come with all the screws and the gate fittings themselves, so you have everything you need in one packet making your job a lot easier.

FXGAF030600 Standard double strap hinge set 24"

FXGAF031600 Double strap hinge set with hooks on plates 24"

FXGAF032600 Adjustable hinge set 24"

FXGAF032450 Adjustable hinge set 18"

FXGAF033450 Adjustable hinge set 18" hooks on plate

FXGAF033600 Adjustable hinge set 24" hooks on plate

FXGAF034600 Rising hinge set 24"

FXGAF034601 Rising hinge set 90 degree

FXGAF036000 Spring latch set with staple catch

FXGAF037000 Spring latch set with drive catch

FXGAF060350 Loop over catch 14"

FXGAF061450 Lockable Loop over catch 18"

FXGA116450 Drop bolt set 18" (same as side gate)

FXGAF119116 Easy clean drop bolt socket 16mm

FXGAF069075 Mortice gate latch

FXGAF039000 Auto latch self locking set

FXGAF063011 Animal Safety Auto Locking latch

FXGAF065005 Extra Long Double leg strikers for above

FXGA064000 Hunting auto latch

FXGAF064011 Hunting Lift catch

FXGAF039003 Hunting Lift type catch kit

FXGAF079120 Drive in Flake staple

FXGAF040325 Hooks to bolt 13" 19mm pin

FXGAF041819 Hooks to drive 8.5" 19mm pin

FXGAF042419 Hooks to plate 4" sq 19mm pin

FXGA010116 Hooks to plate 4" sq 16mm pin

FXGA010012 Hooks on plate 12mm pin (Pair)

FXGAF088219 Hooks on large plate 6''x6'' 19mm pin L/hand

FXGAF088519 Hooks on large plate 6''x6'' 19mm pin R/hand

FXGAF042510 Adjustable hooks on 6" plate 19mm pin

FXGAF042519 Adjustable hooks on 4" plate 19mm pin

FXGAF044225 Hooks to build 9"

FXGA085225 Hooks to screw 9" 19mm pin

FXGA065002 Double leg striker

FXGA065001 Striker cranked leg for field gate

FXGA053125 Double strap bottom band only 5"

FXGA053750 Double strap top band only 30"

FXGA059075 Heel clip only for field gate

FXGA067001 Spring latch arm only

FXGA067002 Spring latch keep only

FXGAF068000 Central closing latch (Use with spring latch)

FXGA131240 Kick over stable latch

FXGA049120 Gate eye adjustable M20 250mm

FXGA049820 Gate eye adjustable M20 200mm

FXGA049620 Gate eye adjustable M20 150mm

FXGA049416 Gate eye adjustable M16 100mm

FXGA049420 Gate eye adjustable M20 100mm

FXGAF072000 Slip rail brackets 100x50mm rails

FXGAF083050 Rail brackets 100x50 rails

FXGAF0730001 Gravity Gate catch galvanised Arm only

FXGAF0730003 Gravity Gate catch epoxy black Arm only

FXGAF0740003 Gravity Gate catch epoxy black Arm & upstand to concrete

FXGAF0740001 Gravity Gate catch Galvanised Arm & upstand to concrete

FXGAF082075 Gate stop box H/Duty

FXGAF092000 Uni latch gate kit (Timber gates)

FXGAF092002 Uni latch gate kit (Metal Gates)

FXGAF092001 Uni latch 2/way catch

FXGAF092006 Uni Spring latch (Metal Gates)

FXGAF093000 Uni latch straight handle

FXGAF094000 Uni latch U shaped handle

FXGAF890001 Zedlock for Steel gates

FXGAF893001 Zedlock mortice striker

FXGAF081368 Jockey Wheel HD Spring loaded

FXGAF040019 Pressfit security Collar to fit 19mm gate pin

FXGAF040000 Anti Theft bracket to fit 19mm gate pin

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