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Prepacked Gatemate & Studmate Kits


We have many gate mate products which come with all the screws and the gate fittings themselves, so you have everything you need in one packet making your job a lot easier.

SM424 008 M8 -1m studding galv

SM424 010 M10 -1m studding galv

SM424 012 M12 -1m studding galv

SM424 016 M16 -1m studding galv

SM454 008 M8 20 Nut & 20 Washer pac galv

SM454 010 M10 20 Nut & 20 Washer pac galv

SM454 012 M12 10 Nut & 10 Washer pac galv

SM454 016 M16 20 Nut & 20 Washer pac galv

GM595 000 Pedestrian gate fitting kit

GM596 000 Side gate fitting kit

GM516112 Spring loaded sliding bolt

GM558250 Ornamental 10" Casement stays **BLACK**

GM574450 Ornamental HD Tee hinge 18" **BLACK**

GM563450 Ornamental Hook & Band 18" **BLACK**

GM552705 Butterfly Hinges **BLACK**

GM550300 12" Ornamental tee **BLACK**

GM502450B 18" Medium tee hinges **BLACK**

GM502600 24" Medium Tee

GM502 450 18" Medium tee hinges

GM502 350 14" Mediunm tee hinges

GM502300 12" Medium Tee

GM504050 2'' Butt hinges

GM504 100 4" Butt hinges

GM533150 Hasp & Staple 6"

GM525150 6" Ring Latch

GM525150B 6" Ring Latch **BLACK**

GM512150 6" Brenton **BLACK**

GM521002 Auto latch large

GM521002B Auto latch large **BLACK**

GM512150 6" Brenton

GM512250 10" Brenton

GM512 151 6" Brenton padlock kit

GM559100 4" Ornamental Cabin Hooks **Black**

GM564150 Ornamental suffolk latch **Black**

GM527300 12" Heavy cross pattern Hasp & Staple

GM538180 7" Hasp & Staple safety pattern

GM520 450 18" Drop bolt set

GM517450 18" Lockable Drop bolt set

GM537150 Door handle 6'

GM514 100 Oval padbolt

GM541 150 Cabin hook 6"

GM541250 Cabin hook 10"

GM532300 Cabin hook 12"

GM570 003 House Numerals 0 to 9

GM582 050 Chain Hooks on plate 2x2

GM038 000 Double gate faster set for field Gates

GM594 016 Dee shackles 16mm galv pair

DDMLSPRP D&D Pre pack magna latch side pull

DDMLSPS2L D&D Magna latch side lockable

DDTCHD2L2 D&D Self Closing hinge set

FX701 900 Case hardened chain 900mm

FX702121 Case hardened sq chain 1.2m fabric covered

FX707 065 Close shackle 70mm Masterlock Padlock

FXMLKM40D Digital Discuss 70mm Masterlock Padlock

FX848500 Fence Deterent spikes 450mm x 45mm (2 pack) Brown

GM584 000 Bucket Clips

GM589 075 Swivel spring hooks 3"

GM593 005 Wire rope Grips 5mm (4)

GM593 008 Wire rope Grips 8mm (2)

GM593 012 Wire rope Grips 12mm (2)

GM593 016 Wire rope Grips 16mm (2)

GM223 308 8mm Blue poly Rope 30m

GM144185LH Padlock Protector L/h or R/h

GM139100 Shed security bar 1m

GM139180 Shed security bar 1.9m

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