Stock Netting


We stock a range of different stock netting, the standard we sell is the C8 80 18 stock netting in either 50m or 100mm rolls. We also stock High Tensile stock netting in 100m rolls which are HT8 80 15. We also sell L10 118 15 Stock netting if you need something a bit taller in 50m rolls.

WBC8801550 Stock netting galvanised C8 80 15 50m

WBC88015100 Stock netting galvanised C8 80 15 100m

WBHT88015 Stock netting galvanised HT8 80 15 High tensile 100m rolls

WBL101201550 Stock netting galvanised L10 120 15 50m

WBL131221550 Stock netting galvanised L13 122 15 50m

WBL1915015 Stock netting galvanised L19 150 15 50m

WBLHT1319015 Deer Netting LHT-13-190-15 50m roll

WBXHT10907550 X Knot Horse fence XHT-10-90-7.5 50m roll

WBXHT121107550 X Knot Horse fence XHT-12-110-7.5 50m roll

WBXHT1312575 X Knot Horse fence XHT-13-125-7.5 50m roll

WBXHT15158850 Stallion Horse netting XHT15-158-8 50m roll

WBGRIPS Gripple small 1.6mm - 2.5mm wire

WBGRIPM Gripple medium 2.5mm - 3.15mm wire

WBGRIPBW Gripple barb wire 2.0mm - 2.25mm

WBGRIPTC1 Gripple T-Clip 1 1.8-3.25mm

WBGRIPTW Gripple twisters 100 pack

TLGRIPT Gripple torq tension tool

TLGRIPC Gripple tension tool **New Contractor**

TLEZCRIMP1 Ezecrimp 5 in 1 tool

TLSA12506 Stockade multi purpose fencing pliers

WBCRIMPS Crimp sleeve to suit 2.5 > 1.6mm wire (100 Tub)

WBCRIMPM Crimp sleeve to suit 3.15mm wire (50 Tub)