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Nuts & Washers & Studs


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FACTM825G M8 Shear nut galvanised

FACM8G M8 nuts galvanised

FADM8G M8 washers galvanised

FACM10G M10 nuts galvanised

FADM10G M10 washers galvanised

FACTM12G M12 Shear nut

FACM12G M12 nuts galvanised

FADM12G M12 washers galvanised

FADSQ50G Square plate washers 50mm

SBP030 M10 150mm Galv stud

SBP034 M12 150mm Galv stud

FABTM825G Tee head bolt M8 25mm

FABSM840G Saddle head bolt 40mm

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