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Joists/ Tow straps/ Brackets/ Bars


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FXJH50135 Joist Hangers 50x135mm short leg

WT120606G Water trough galvanised 1200 x 600x600 (100 gallon)

CT20048 Cable ties 200 x 4.8mm pkt 100

GM594016 Dee Shackles 16mm galv pair
TS6 Towing strop 5m 1 tonne

FX256152 Jump Cup Brackets 5ft (each)
FX256000 Cupped Jump Cups (each)

GM144185LH Padlock Protector L/h or R/h

GM139100 Shed Security Bar 1m

GM139180 Shed Security Bar 1.8m

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