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Spindle Panels


We sell square and turned spindles, both are 895mm high 41mm x 41mm. The spindles complete the decking and give it that outstanding look. Not only do they give a great look, but they help support the decking too holding the rails up and giving it structure.
Our spindles are treated to give you a long-lasting decking.

DKS894141 Decking spindles 895x41x41mm turned spindles

DKS894141S Decking spindles 895x41x41mm Square spindles

DKR186844 Decking rail 1800x68x44mm universal top and bottom rail (11)

DKR246844 Decking rail 2400x68x44mm universal top and bottom rail (15)

DKN138282SQ Decking post 1250x82x82mm Square newel post

DKN138282 Decking post 1250x82x82mm Turned newel post

DKN24100100 Decking post 2400x ex100x100 PAR & treated

DKN36100100 Decking post 3600x ex100x100 PAR& treated

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