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Close Board

Close board - Sometimes referred to as close board fencing, ship lap or feather board, close board wooden fencing is constructed from overlapping vertical timber boards which are nailed to horizontal rails running between fence posts.

STAR30 Arris rails 3m ex75x75 ** not ended **

STAR36 Arris rails 3.6m ex75x75 **not ended **

FXRB226075 Arris rail repair brackets

FXMB227075 Arris rail mortice adapter bracket

STARE30 Arris rails 3m ex75x75 ** ended **

STARE24 Arris rails 2.4m ex75x75 ** ended **

STGB36 Gravel boards 3.6m 150x22

STGB30 Gravel boards 3.0m 150x22

STGB24 Gravel boards 2.4m 150x22

STGB18 Gravel boards 1.83m150x22

STC30 Capping 3.0m 65x38 tw

STC36 Capping 3.6m 65x38 tw

STCR30 Counter rail 3.0m 65x32

STCR36 Counter rail 3.6m 65x32

STCR18 Counter rail 1.83m 75x36

STR3305032 Counter rail 3.0m 50x32

STCS600 Gravel board stumps 600x 50x50

STCL150 Gravel board cleats 150x 50x32

STFE480 Feather edge 4.80m ex 150x22 **Building Cladding **

STFE360 Feather edge 3.60m ex 150x22 **Building Cladding **

STFE240 Feather edge 2.40m ex 100x22

STFE210 Feather edge 2.10m ex 100x22

STFE180 Feather edge 1.80m ex 100x22

STFE165 Feather edge 1.65m ex 100x22

STFE150 Feather edge 1.50m ex 100x22

STFE135 Feather edge 1.35m ex 100x22

STFE120 Feather edge 1.20m ex 100x22

STFE105 Feather edge 1.05m ex 100x22

STFE090 Feather edge 0.90m ex 100x22

Typical Complete 3m Bay price C/board C/Rail &Cap on 9ft 4x4 post R/t 6ft high

Typical Complete 3m Bay price C/board C/Rail &Cap on 8ft 4x4 post R/t 5ft high

Typical Complete 3m Bay price C/board C/Rail &Cap on 7ft 4x4 post R/t 4ft high

6ft high with no capping

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