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Palisade Timber and Treated Timber

There are different types of palisade boards: a round top, a pointed top and a square top. They are all typically used in picket fencing and a popular option.
This fencing is secure and well built.

Our picket fence types, which include a traditional open slat design, are meant to evoke the elegance of an English country garden.

As they are also open it gives the feeling of more freedom and room, so you don't have to feel restricted and boxed in.
Our palisade come in the dimension of 75mm x 19mm.

Palisade Timber

STPRT090 Palisades 900mm 75x19 round top

STPRT105 Palisades 1.05m 75x19 round top

STPRT120 Palisades 1.20m 75x19 round top

STPRT180 Palisades 1.80m 75x19 round top

STPPT090 Palisades 900mm 75x19 pointed top

STPPT120 Palisades 1.20m 75x19 pointed top

STPPT180 Palisades 1.80m 75x19 pointed top

STPST090 Palisades 900mm 75x19 square top

STPST120 Palisades 1.2m 75x19 square top

STPST180 Palisades 1.8mm 75x19 square top

Prepared Palisade Timber treated

PARARE24 Arris rails ** PAR ** 2.4m ex75x75 ended

PARRT127522 Palisades 1.2m **PAR** ex75x22 round top

PARRT097522 Palisades 0.9m **PAR** ex75x22 round top

Post **PAR** 2.1m ex100x100 Morticed &R/T

Post 1.8m 100x100 2 morticed ( less 1.00 SQ top post )

Panel making Battens Brown treated

STB185019 Battens 1.83m 50x19 top and bottom batten all panels

STB183819 Battens 1.83m 38x19 vertical battens 6ft panels

STBC182150 Battens 1.83m 21x50 twice weathered capping all panels

STWE183 Waney edge 1.83m non barked all panels

Battens Green treated

STBG363819 Battens 3.6m 38x19 green treated

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