The sawn timber posts we sell are pine and come in a range of sizes to suit your need. Our smallest post is 1.8m and goes all the way up to 3.6m. The standard is typically 4x4 in width and depth.

STP21150100 Post 2.1m 150x100

STP24150100 Post 2.4m 150x100

STP27125125 Post 2.7m 125x125

STP36125100 Post 3.6m 125x100

STP30125100 Post 3.0m 125x100

STP27125100 Post 2.7m 125x100

STP24125100 Post 2.4m 125x100

STP21125100 Post 2.1m 125x100

STP36100100 Post 3.6m 100x100

STP30100100 Post 3.0m 100x100

STP27100100 Post 2.7m 100x100

STP24100100 Post 2.4m 100x100

STP21100100 Post 2.1m 100x100

STP18100100 Post 1.8m 100x100

STP2415075X Post 2.4m 150x75 30 year HCD treatment

STP2115075X Post 2.1m 150x75 30 year HCD treatment

STP1815075X Post 1.8m 150x75 30 year HCD treatment

STP2710075 Post 2.7m 100x75

STP2410075 Post 2.4m 100x75

STP2110075 Post 2.1m 100x75

STP1810075 Post 1.8m 100x75

STP307575 Post 3.0m 75x75 **Not stock item**

STP277575 Post 2.7m 75x75

STP247575 Post 2.4m 75x75

STP217575 Post 2.1m 75x75

STP187575 Post 1.8m 75x75