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Sawn Timber Rails/Plates & C24 Carcassing

Our rails are either sawn or Regularised C24. They come in many different lengths and sizes from 1.8 to 5.1m. With our rails you’ll find longevity with them being c24 meaning you’ll get more out of whatever project you may want to accomplish.

STR3610050 Rail 3.6m 100x50

STR4810022 Rail 4.8m 100x22

STR3610022 Rail 3.6m 100x22

STR2510050 Rail 2.4m 100x50

STR2110050 Rail 2.1m 100x50

STR1810050 Rail 1.8m 100x50

STR368738X Rail 3.6m 87x38 Motorway rails 30 year HCD treatment

STR368738 Rail 3.6m 87x38 Motorway rails

STR4820050 Rail 4.8m ex 200x50mm Regularised C24

STR5115050R Rail 5.1m ex 150x50mm Regularised C24

STR4815050R Rail 4.8m ex 150x50mm Regularised C24

STR4515050R Rail 4.5m ex 150x50mm Regularised C24

STR4215050R Rail 4.2m ex 150x50mm Regularised C24

STR4810050R Rail 4.8m ex 100x50mm Regularised C24

STR3620050 Rail 3.6m ex 200x50mm Regularised C24

STR3610050R Rail 3.6m ex 100x50mm Regularised C24

STR3615050R Rail 3.6m ex 150x50mm Regularised C24

STR3612550R Rail 3.6m ex 125x50mm Regularised C24

STR487550R Rail 4.8m ex 75x50mm Regularised

STR457550R Rail 4.5m ex 75x50mm Regularised

STR427550R Rail 4.2m ex 75x50mm Regularised

STR367550R Rail 3.6m ex 75x50mm Regularised

STR485047R Rail 4.8m ex 50x50mm Regularised

STR425047R Rail 4.2m ex 50x50mm Regularised

STR365047R Rail 3.6m ex 50x50mm Regularised

STR245047R Rail 2.4m ex 50x50mm Regularised

STR4810032R Rail 4.2m ex 100x32mm Reg 5th Redwood (Gate making)

STR4810050RG Rail 4.2m ex 100x50mm Reg 5th Redwood (Gate making)

STR367550 Rail 3.6m 75x50

STR365047 Rail 3.6m 50x47

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