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STD Height Fencing Post Morticing

We have a vast range of toppings for our posts, from back weathered and round top to toppings like chamfered/throated and wharf toppings.
In terms of the morticing we do standard morticing for many different fencing projects and styles. We can also do bespoke size mortices in our workshop if you need specific mortices needed.

MORT1 Mortise x 1 per post 65x25mm

MORT2 Mortise x 2 per post 65x25mm

MORT3 Mortise x 3 per post 65x25mm

MORT4 Mortise x 4 per post 65x25mm

BACK1 Back weathering up to 150mm

BACK2 Two way weathering

BACK4 Four way weathering

TPT2 Round topping up to 125mm

Round topping over 125mm

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