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Trellis for Close Board Green Treated

Simple and easy to use. These fixing clips are secure and robust. They will reduce the amount of damage to your timber.

Trellis for close board green treated
Our Trellis products are top quality and versatile. This type of trellis has a simple look. It’s a functional and neat option for your garden.

Stock Code: PAN3000300T Trellis for Green Treated 300 x 3000mm

Stock Code: PAN3000450T Trellis for Green Treated 450 x 3000mm

Stock Code: PAN3000600T Trellis for Green Treated 600 x 3000mm

Stock Code: PAN3000900T Trellis for Green Treated 900 x 3000mm

Stock Code: FX230050 Fence Panel Fixing Clips

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